XBee 2.5 Point-to-point problem


I have two Arduino Duemilanove boards with XBee Shields and similar Xbee Series 2 (XB24-BWIT-004) modules. So all of the components in my setup are similar, no version differences whatsoever.

What I am trying to complete is simple wireless point-to-point connection from one Arduino to other. I know Series 2 is a bit more complicated than Series 1, but point-to-point should still be more than possible.

I am trying to get this example (http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoXbeeShield) to work. So far I have failed. One of my XBee modules has been set up as coordinator, while the other works as a router/end device. The coordinator is ZNET 2.5 COORDINATOR AT with version 1047. Router/end device is ZNET 2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE AT with version 1247. Both modules operate on default settings. It should be ok to use the default settings, right?

When powered up, the Arduino board with the coordinator module flashes the TX led with interval of 1 second, just like it should because it’s sending the letters ‘H’ and ‘L’ over the serial. The associate led flashes also with a constant interval.

When I power up the Arduino board with the router/end device module, the associate LED flashes faster than the one on the coordinator board. The TX/RX LEDs on the router/end device board are not flashing, and the LED on pin 13 is not turning on/off. So the serial commands from the coordinator are not received by the router/end device.

How can I fix this? I have spent numerous hours looking into threads and manuals, and everything should work the way it is now. The associate LEDs blinking with different intervals indicates that the XBee modules are not on the same network, right? How can I get them into the same network? Should I set the Destination Address, or maybe change the PAN ID?

Here is one interesting thing I just noticed: When I have the coordinator running, and I power up the end device, the associate LED on the coordinator flashes rapidly for a second or so. That indicates that the coordinator actually notices the end device and does something. But after that the associate LEDs just go on blinking with different intervals.

I am using X-CTU to modify the settings.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys could offer!

Series 2 hardware will not work to program the Arduino wirelessly due to the reset pin toggling. If this was your intention, you should investigate using the Series 1 Xbee hardware instead.

However, if you would simply like to pass “serial monitor” data, you will want to make sure the Tx pin on the Xbee is connected to the Rx pin of the Arduino, and the Rx pin on the XBee is connected to the Tx pin on the Arduino.

For the PC connected XBee:

Make sure the latest “Coordinator AT” firmware is uploaded.

Set the baud rate to 57600 and enter a PAN ID

For the Arduino connected XBee:

Upgrade to the latest Router AT firmware.

Set the baud rate to 57600 and the same PAN ID as the coordinator.

Set the DH and DL settings to zero in order to send all data to the coordinator.