Help with Xbee PRO series 2.5


I have a laptop sending and receiving serial data with an Arduino. Im using Xbee PRO series 1, and Sparkfun Xbee Xplorer USB to connect the module to the laptop, and a Sparkfun Xbee regulated to connect the modem to the Arduino.

Everything works just fine.

LAst week I bought 2 Xbee PRO series 2.5.

I want to replace my xbee series 1 with my new ones.

I did all the configuration using the X-CTU. I set one as end device and the other as coordinator.

After this I just replaced the modules and I send data to the arduino and it doesnt answer back. I just dont know why its nor working anymore? any Clue?

The sparkfun boards are working fine, because I used them to configure the modules and theres no problem.

Do I need to do any other configuration?

I did this:

Set one as coordinator and other as end device
set baud rate
match PAN ID

Did you set these as Coordinator/End Device API or AT firmware?

I’d recommend starting with Coordinator AT and Router AT, so you don’t have to factor a sleeping/non-responsive module into your scenario until you’re ready for that.

I set both as AT firmware.

If I set them as Coordinator/End device AT, they should work as the normal Xbee series 1, dont they?

any more advices so I can check whats wrong with my setup

Hey I had some problems with mine and I posted my personal solution here . The DL,DH values is what was screwing me up and the method I posted at the bottom seemed to fix the simple mismatched but I didn’t go back and experiment enough to conclude anything either way.

Also I think you should use router firmware, that seemed like a good suggestion by the admin.

Also try looking atthis tutorial , it helped me alot.

any one have idea about how to send a data out through wifi??i am using rcm5400,and wireless access point dwl-2000ap+.