Getting Xbee Pro talking to standard Xbee's

I recently ordered two Xbee Pros (From SparkFun, with the plan to use them for a coordinator and a remote control device, along with a couple standard Xbee’s I already had which would be used for sensor nodes and routers.

The Pro’s are model XBP24-B27WIT-004-revE, running firmware XBP24BSE with the most recent version.
The non-Pro’s are model XB24-Z7WIT-004-revD1, running firmware XB24-ZB with the most recent version.

Using identical configuration steps I can get the Pro’s to talk to each other in AT mode (using CoolTerm), and I can get the non-Pro’s to talk to each other, but nothing I seem to be able to do will get the Pro’s talking to the non-Pros. Are these models just incompatible somehow? The Sparkfun page says the Pro’s aren’t compatible with series 2.5 models, but I’m almost certain my non-Pro’s are Series 2 which should work.

Any advice would be appreciated. As a note, I’m a hobbiest and have used Xbee’s before for smaller projects, but I am far from an expert on the Xbee specs or various configuration options.

Check the SC setting on both - make sure they match, selecting the one with FEWER bits as the required. So use 0x1FFE if that’s some of your units have.

Newer XBee support channels that older ones do not. So if your PRO have SC=0x7FFF and the non-PRO have the older 0x1FFE, this means if the PRO selected channel 12 (the 0x0001 in SC & almost certinaly what it will select!), then the non-PRO could never detect it since they can only start on channel 13.

Thanks, thats one thing I didn’t think to try, and may well be the problem.

Last night I ended up pulling out a couple of unopened Xbee’s I had around and they worked fine with the Pro’s. I did notice that the Pro’s had channel 0Xc selected, which worked on the newer Xbee’s but the ones I’d been using previously weren’t getting on that channel.

Thanks for the info, I’ll try it out tonight.

Hi, hope you can help me. Right now I’m using the XBee XB24-Z7WIT together with a PIC processor. I have a system with a Base and Remote unit. The Base station is configured as a Coordinator and the remote station is configured as a Router, everything is working fine, except the sending distance, therefore we now would like to change to the XBP08-DPWIT-024 PRO. My question is, can you explain me how to use a PRO instead the standard, The PRO dosnt support the coordinator and router. What to do, how can I use a PRO, do I need to change all my software driver, so it can communicate with the PRO version. Hope you can help me.

I think what you mean is how do I get my system to work on the XBee PRO 868 product when I had it working with a XBee Zigbee module.

Really it is nothing more than setting the DL and DH of one module to match the SL and SH of the other. Once that is done, just send your data and make sure that you do not exceed the 2.4bps data rate without using CTS flow control.