Exchange XBee with XBee Pro


i have two XB24CZ7PISB-003 revB (Programmable XBee SMT) in my network.

To extend the range i want to exchange one of them (working as a coordinator) with a XBee Pro. Is this possible? Is there a problem with the firmware?(Non Pro version have 16 chanels. Pro version 15)

Do i ned another XBIB to programm it? I have a XBIB-U-SS.

I use the Freescale stack (and some parts of examples)

Louis Kröger

XCTU will work with pro and non-pro modules both. Assuming they use the same channel, which you can set on both, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t work. The Xbib you have should be able to program both.

Yes, you can exchange a Non PRO for a PRO version of the S2C or XBee ZB (XBee PRO S2B ZB) module. You can also add a intermittent radio to act as a router.