Xbee Pro S2B Bypass Mode


I have a net with Xbee’s Pro S2 and i want to add a Xbee pro S2B. I read that to configure a Xbee Pro S2B i need acces in the bypass mode but i don´t know like do it.


No, you don’t. Bypass mode is ONLY used on the Programmable versions of the product. A standard S2B or XBee ZB PRO module acts just like the Non PRO versions.

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how can i to add the S2B to the net configured with Xbee’s PRO S2 ZB

What is the full part number of the module you are trying to add to the network?

as I have seen , I need Codewarrior and Xbee sdk .
what do I have to do with them and how?

I can tell and you can do if the module is a programmable module or not. that is why I ask what the part number is.

The part number is XBP24BZ7WITB-003 revL

That is the Programmable module (You added an extra - in it between the B and the 003). To use this one, you will need to write an application and port it over via a BDM programmer before you will be able to talk with it on a regular basis. That is depending on what you put on the Freescale processors for the application.

could you explain or give me a link to an example or something to orient me


I am afraid that all of the examples for this product are found within the XBee Programmable SDK and Code warrior.