Having trouble with bypass mode on a S2B module


I’ve got a mix of S2B and regular Xbee pro modules. The regular ones are working fine. The S2B’s are proving to be more difficult to get set up. Here’s what I’ve managed:

I can use X-CTU to go into terminal mode, and get into bypass mode from the boot loader. From there, I can access the Xbee, send a receive information etc. That works fine - so I know the device is working properly. For this setup, I also only have power, ground, RX and TX connected.

I then attempt to use an Arduino with a Xbee shield to programmatically do the same thing, except it never works. I cannot get the boot loader menu. I do have all the baud rates set to 9600. Even a straight passthrough application doesn’t manage to get the boot loader menu.

Its probably something so obvious that I’m going to kick myself, but at this point I cannot see the forrest for the trees. Anyone have a suggestion?


Hi you need to send \r (0x0D) to get the menu

Yes, I know how to bring up the menu. That wasn’t the issue.

I have solved this problem. Turns out that the Sparkfun shield doesn’t support the PRO Xbee’s, even though their website and documentation state that they do.

The board doesn’t support the power requirements for the PRO. I built my own board, and things instantly started working.

If you’ve got an Arduino and are attempting to use the Xbee PRO - you’ll need to wire up an alternative power solution (the Arduino board itself won’t suffice either.)