Programmable Xbee S3B 900HP Baud issue

I am using the example “Serial Bypass” on the CodeWarrior IDE for the Xbee-Pro S3B 900HP

And i wish to use this example with a baud rate different than the one that is default in the config.xml file (115200)

The program works with baud 19220, 38400 and 115200 but when i try 9600 it enters a reboot loop sending the application screen out the serial port indefinitely.

. o Application: Serial Bypass
. o XBee module: S3B 32kB flash
. o HW address : 00-13-a2-00-40-aa-1d-c0
. o HW version : 0x2341
. o FW version : 0x8067
. o Network ID : 01

I need to be able to use 9600 as a baud.

I would like some ideas as to remedy this.

I’m using digi XBIB-U-DEV USB boards

The first question I have is why are you using a Programmable module in Bypass mode instead of just getting a non programmable module?

I’m just curious as to whether anyone can shed some new light on this topic. I’m having similar troubles with a pair of Xbee ZB Pro S2B programmable modules.

I’ve made some minor edits to a few of the sample programs provided in the SDK, and was hoping to configure the xbee uart for 9600 baud, but at that rate it just enters the same reboot loop linuxparty was experiencing. The apps work just fine at other baud rates, but not 9600.

I was hoping to ultimately use these xbees to wirelessly communicate with a Persistor CF2 mini computer, which under current configuration would prefer to talk at 9600.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I’ve tried this with the sample apps as is, unaltered except to change the uart baud to 9600 in config.xml and the same issue occurs.

I’m having the same issue. I built serial_bypass with the config.xml set to have the UART0 at 9600 baud. Same issue. I also noticed when I then go into the bootloader and display the app version it says:
F-Update App
V-BL Ver.
A-App Ver.
aSerial Bypass

I’m using the XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh (S3B), so I don’t have an alternative to the programmable module (that I’ve found). I’m connecting to a GPS device that only has 9600 & 4800 baud capabilities so using 115200 is not an option.

I’m guessing there is some setting in the code itself that compare the config baud rate to something else, and if it’s not right, borks the app. I’ve not found that code yet.

That is because the Default baud rate of 9600 is used for Forcing By pass mode and access to the bootloader. If you are not going to use the Freescale processor, they the real question is why did you purchase a programmable module?

The 900 Mhz xbee only comes in the S3B version so I have no choice as to the programmable version.

I also can not get the GPS chip that will be talking to the XBee to send the B command required to go into bypass mode. That pretty much limits me to installing the serial_bypass app. Unfortunately, it only seems to work at 115200 baud and if I change the config.xml file to work otherwise, the app appears to crash.

You had better look at

You will find that the 900 HP comes in both through hole and SMT versions. Both of which come in standard or Programmable versions.

So I am not sure why you say you have no choice. The non programmable should be what you are using on the GPS side and if you are going to use a processor on the receiving side, then your programmable can be used there. Even then, there are two serial ports. One is the serial port between the RF processor and the freescale. That can be set and left at 115.2kbps. The 2nd com port is where you can talk to the Freescale processor from the external pins. That can be set to any desired rate. Then the freescale processor does the baud rate conversion for you.

All those appear to be S3B programmable versions. I’ve sent an e-mail to Digi support for clarification on this. Thanks.