Xbee Pro 900HP Stuck in API Mode?

I have a pair of XBee 900HP radios (the programmable ones) and was finally able to automatically bypass the bootloader by loading in the bypass bootloader program. That worked well but now the radios seem to be stuck at 115200 baud and API mode 1 (without escapes). The baudrate is tolerable but I need to use Transparent mode.

If I try to update those parameters in XCTU, they work for the duration of the session, but if I reset the radio, they revert back to 115200 and API mode 1. Other settings do seem to get saved without issue, however.

I used the bypass bootloader example program in Codewarrior - do I need to perhaps add custom parameters to the bypass bootloader code to set things up there? I had thought the bypass would talk directly to the radio which, I would have thought, should let me set all radio functions (including Transparent mode)?

The programmable radios require you to use them in API mode at a baud rate of 115.2kbps. This is to allow the Bootloader application the ability to allow access without totally using the Freescale processor.

If you need to use a module in transparent mode and at different data rates, then the Programmable versions are NOT the right ones to use. You will need to switch to the Non programmable versions instead.

Hmm…bypassing the bootloader menu on the default program does let me access the radios in Transparent mode? That should mean I may be able to perhaps write a program for that or to simply boot the Xbee up into the Bypass mode by default (the one that is normally accessed by sending a ‘B’.

I otherwise agree, I meant to grab standard 900MHz non-programmable XBee’s but I have them and they are now hard to return :confused:

For the program at hand, API mode is probably fine except I was trying to keep the receiving side simple as I planned on writing a daemon on Linux to listen to transmissions from, in my case, an Arduino processing some weather data. Standard serial made that a rather simple task to do without much dependency on top.

Since the standard bootloader works (with the ‘B’ bypass option) I could simply load that back on and program in the sending of ‘B’ to set the mode at boot. That will work for this program, it will not work with another program I planned on using 900MHz radios for (although for that I can be sure to by the non-programmable Xbee’s).

No, it will still require the use of API commands as that is how the bootloader app interfaces with the radio. If you want a transparent app, I believe there is a sample app that will do that for you in the SDK.

Hmm that’s not the experience I had. If I used the out of the box firmware, all I had to do was send ‘B’ when the XBee was booted which gave ma a 9600 transparent interface (e.g. I could send ASCII characters back and forth with no issue like a standard serial interface).

It’s only when I loaded the bypass firmware (from one of the examples provided in the CodeWarrior distribution) that I ended up getting stuck in 11520 and API mode.

What you observed is not Truly transparent. What you were working with is the bootloader application making the changes for you to interface with the RF processor. The app I referred you to is truly the transparent application where it it allows you to inter act with the radio in its default configuration for the Programmable module. That is to say the Router API code with a baud rate of 115.2kbps.