What is the default radio configuration of programmable xbees

Hi all,

I want to load a code into my programmable xbee devices over the air. For this purpose, I need to see them in XCTU, so that I can configure them as router, transparent mode, to use the XMODEM protocol.

My problem is that I set up a coordinator with a arbitrary PANID and I want the devices to automaticaly connect to it but they did not (I cannot see them in the “network working mode” tab) ! In the past, I know I found the information on the default radio configuration of the programmable version of the xbee modules, but I don’t find it no more :cry:

Could someone help me to see my programmable device in xctu

Thank a lot for your help!

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They are going to be configured as Router API (required for the programmable processor) at a baud rate of 115.2kbps. PAN ID 0.

I mvut,

Thank you for this quick answer. I think I cannot see my routers because I configured them with a fixed PANID instead of letting the default 0x0. I will find out what PANID I used for them…