Configuration Reg

My device part no:
XBP24-ASI- 001 revF
XBP24-Z7SIT-004 revL
i need a firmware version type for these two modules? Is it necessary to configure XBee 802.15.4 pro modules for communication? Is XCTU a only configuration tool to configure?

The two modules you are referring to are not capable of communicating with each other. You will need to get either another XBee 802.15.4 or XBee ZB module to create a network.

XCTU is a software program designed to perform some basic functions, send and receive data, change firmware versions or settings and perform basic two way communications. That is all.

We have two XBP24-Z7SIT-004 revL (XBee pro S2). We need to establish a communication between these two and also we need a firmware version type for this.

If i use XCTU to configure XBP24-Z7SIT-004 revL, modem firmware version type and serial number is showing some unusual characters and if i press read button in modem configuration, it shows an error "The modem configuration file was not found’ Kindly help us to solve this issue.

The message you are getting indicates that the firmware version installed on the radio is simply not installed in XCTU. As such, you are not able to read it. To fix it, either use the download new versions and download the proper version or install an updated version to the radio.

Here’s what I get in the X-CTU message pane when I try writing new firmware

Getting modem type…Programming modem…Detected baud rate difference.
Make sure PC and modem baud rate is set correctly
Lost communication with modem
Found bootloader active reprogramming firmware.
Write Parameters…Failed…

baudrate we selected was 115200. while writing to module it is shifting to 19200.
Kindly let us know what will be the problem.