Unable to configure XBEE after repeated attempts!!!!!

I am using XBEE ZB S2 series, and I’m unable to configure it on the XCTU software provided.
When I click on the test/query option, it does not display the firmware version or the serial number, and shows device type as unknown.
It is unable to read parameters.
When I try to write parameters, the following message appears:
Getting modem type…OK
Programming modem…Lost communication with modem
Write Parameters…Failed
I’m using a USB explorer from spark fun electronics, which does not have a reset button and I short the GND and RST pin in order to reset the module.
Please help me resolve this as I have been stuck on it for days altogether!
Model number: XB24-Z7WIT-004

Your only option may be to obtain the proper boards which have all of the required lines.

In any case, what was the last firmware version you installed on the radio before you started having issues?

Are you able to get the radio to associate to your Coordinator? Is that Coordinator in API mode?

What version of XCTU are you working with?

Hello, thanks for replying!
I am just starting out with Xbee and haven’t set up a wireless network as yet! I’m trying to configure the Xbee as coordination in AT mode with firmware version 20A7 which was shown to be the latest.
I am using an older version of X-CTU software- version 5, I’ll let you know the exact one by tomorrow when I go to the lab where I’m working.

I would suggest updating to the latest version of XCTU and then try using the Recovery function in the tools menu. Just note that it does require to have DTR and RTS connected in order to change firmware so you may need to make changes to your boards to make sure these are properly connected or obtain XBIB boards.

I did a recovery test on the latest version too, but it is unable to find a device connected, that’s why I was trying with an older version
I am using a RSBEE_v1.0 board.
When I try to restore the device on the older X-CTU, the following message appears:
Resetting AT Commands…
Unable to find configuration file for modem (firmware version ). Use ‘Download new versions’ button to check the web for newer versions.
And even after trying to update the firmware versions, it doesn’t work.

Try optimizing the USB drivers. If that does not work, I would try the other radio on the board to make sure I Can read from it.