XCTU problem with xbee pro s2b

Hello there,

i am having two xbee pro s2b and i am trying to configure it with XCTU.
but i dont have an idea which modem version to select.
by “test/query” i got XBP24BSE… but when i configured it with this, wireless communication is not taking place between xbees.

is there any specific modem version to be used for xbee pro s2b??

any suggestion about modem version or any further changes in setting?

i have changed PAN ID and baud rate to 9600 only.

Thank you!


What is the part number of the module?
It will be written at the back side of the module.

Hello Anvita,

XPBP24SE are for SmartEnergy, is that what you intended? The most common Modem Configurations for these modules are XBP24-ZB.

Let us know if that worked. Regards,