Xbee Pro S2 Modem configuration file not found - firmware 22A0

We recently purchased two XBee Pro S2 modules - one with a small antenna and one with a UFL connector. We are watching the ixer2006 youtube video on how to connect up XBee with an Arduino Uno.

Both modules reply to the Test Query - the UFL module replies with Modem type = XPB24-B
Modem firmware version = 2264

The other module replies with
Modem type = XPB24-B
Modem firmware version = 22A0

Following the Youtube video, clicking read in the Modem Configuration tab works on the first module, but the second module replies with:

The modem configuration file was not found. Would you like to check the web site for updates? (Recommended)

Clicking yes, the X-CTU program goes away for a while and then shows:
The operation timed out.

The Windows firewall is down but the IT dept may have a few other roadblocks in the way. The question is, is there anything I should try first before annoying the IT dept. Thanks

OK, other module is now working. Going further into the video, we changed the setting as suggested and clicked Write in Modem Configuration tab, with the Always Update Firmware checked. We noticed the firmware for the UFL connector module updated to 288C so did the same for the other module, and after a power cycle, it is now happy and talks to X-CTU.

Now we just need another Arduino, breadboard and B-type USB cable. Thanks

what settings did u actually change?
i my own case here, when i did the test/query, it gave me this:
communication with modem…OK
Modem firmware version =22A0
Modem type = Name unknown(ID = 252315)
Serial Number = 13A*************

BUT why name unknown?? whereas the number behind the module is XB24-Z7CIT-004…
Also under the modem configuration tab, this number XB24-Z7CIT-004 is not listed. what do i do please. thanks

Hi, in X-CTU we had the modem configuration page modem setting set to XBP24-ZB instead of XBP24-B. The function set needs to be ZNET 2.5 COORDINATOR API and not the ZIGBEE setting. I watched the Ixer2006 video on youtube. Once everything is setup, simply power up both XBEE module and they act as a wired connection with no inquiry or manual connection needed.