XBP24-Z7WIT Configuration File Not Found

I’m new to XBee and have just bought two XBP24-Z7WIT modules for learning with the Arduino shield. I’ve installed X-CTU and am attempting to read from the module, however I get the message “The modem configuration file was not found.”.

I have tried the automatic process with the program and I downloaded each of the XBee-Pro ZB S2 module drivers from the website and manually installed them. None of these fixed the problem.

How do I get X-CTU to work with this module?


Never mind, I figured it out. I didn’t realize that there was only a base firmware loaded by default. Now I see that I need to upload a firmware and function set to make the module work!

You can find the details about the latest firmware and old firmwares, bug fixes, known issues in the release notes of the firmware which can be found in Support section at Digi website.
Release notes contains information of all the firmwares with known issues and their bug fixes in the next release.
By seeing this you can search for new firmware version if released either from the x-ctu or digi website.