Error firmware

My first post, good way to all forum.

I buy a Xbee XB24 one year old, This xbee has the firmware n° 10C0, when i try read the parameters the xbu respond with an error: "the modem configurations file was not found … "

if i try a overwrite/download the firmware, again error.

there is a way to force the update firmware?
why has the xbee firmware unknow to xbu?


Hi Nonno,

Firmware 10C0 is having some issues. Download the firmware files (new versions from web) on the modem configuration tab in X-CTU and update it.
10E8 would be the perfered version.

Hope this helps!


If you are not able to download the versions from the web, you can request digi people to get you the firmware, then you can add the firmware file to X-CTU.