Can Programmable Xbee-Pro Digimesh 900 be used with arduino?

I’ve been having issues for the past couple of days trying to use these Xbees:
XBee-PRO 900HP (S3B) DigiMesh, 900MHz, 250mW, RPSMA, 200Kbps, 32K Programmable (XBP9B-DMSTB002).

The only times I’m able to transmit effectively is right after I upload a sketch from arduino (with the TX line on the DIN, in transparent mode). I am not able to transmit if the Xbee if it’s ever powered off, CTS goes high and it does not matter how long I wait.

I’ve verified my configuration, as I’ve used an Xbee Explorer to simply type packets in, and I was able to receive all of them just fine. My issue is much like the one described here:
This made me largely suspicious that the fact that they are programmable might be the main issue.

Is it possible to use an external microcontroller (arduino uno) to use these radios without having to program their bootloader/firmware with the BDM programmer? If not, how can I bypass the bootloader in order for it to work?

What is the full part number of each of the XBee modules you are working with?

yes it can be used using simple serial write commands.