Programming a S3B to run in Bypass Mode

I have a pair of Xbee HP900 (S3B) modules I’m trying to get to communicate. The remote end is connected to a dumb device, so there’s no way to shift it into bypass mode.

I downloaded and installed the XBee SDK and CodeWarrior hoping to create an application that can keep the S3B in transparent mode.

I have successfully built the transparent_client_dm sample App and am looking to download it via my XBIB board. Unfortunately, I have no debugger hardware, but the various documents I’ve read suggest that you just need to download it via the XBIB serial port emulator.

Well, the instructions I’ve read say to download from CodeWarrior, just click on Run->Run As->CodeWarrior Download. But this seems to want to talk to MultiLink or Cyclone Propower port, none of which I have.

I even tried downloading via Cygwin to /dev/com13, but that dosent seem to do anything. The S3B still reports it’s firmware version as Unknown.

Where did I go wrong.

You can load this application on pxbee using XModem.

For that, first you need to change Build type of application.In Code Warrior, go to Project >> Build Configuration >> Set Active >> and select “Release”. Now, Code Warrior will build a .bin file in ‘Release’ folder under project’s work-space folder.

Second step is to install legacy XCTU that supports XModem. It can found at

On the Terminal tab of XCTU, you can see “XModem” option towards top of window. Select it and point it to recently created .bin file but don’t hint “Send” button for now.

Now, Open Boot-loader menu of pxbee and select Firmware Update option by typing letter “F”. Module will then respond will continuously printing of “C” letter. At this time, press “Send” button on XModem window and wait for downloading of code to finish up.