S3B programmable CodeWarrior (Basics) Rx buffer

Hi everybody,

I am working with the xbee module S3B (900HP and XSC RF Module) (digi part number 602-1346-ND)

I want to program the modules in C using codewarrior but I’ve been having problems understanding the way xbee works

Specifically, I want to know if when the module receives data from the RF module it stores automatically in the receive buffer because in the documentation I only found functions related with reading the bytes stored in the RF buffer

On the other side I was thinking on programming a function that reads bytes one by one until I get the frame I transmited from another xbee

I know this info must be somewhere in the manual but I seem to have problems finding it

Thank you for your help.

Which specific XBee module are you working with? What is the part number of it?

The digi part number is 602-1346-ND

purchased here


The part number I was looking for is XBP9B-DMSTB002 but that will do. That is a Programmable radio. I would suggest looking at the sample applications provided in the XBee SDK and the help file within it. It describes how you send and receive data using this processor and the RF processor.