Digital and Analog Sampling Using XBee Radios - CodeWarrior

in this Knowledge Base Article they explain how to sample data using the XBee and they talk about how to receive the package. But, in this example they did using the XCTU.

I know how to do a read the digital and Analog I/O of the Xbee programmablem using the CodeWarrior.

My questions are:

  1. How can I transform the digital or the analog sample in API Frames using the Codewarrior ?

  2. How can I read the API Frame with digital on the analog sample using the CodeWarrior?

  3. How can I implement the digimesh using the CodeWarrior?

My modules are the XBee 900HP programmable.

I believe there is sample code within the XBee SDK that will allow you to do what you want. You just need to look through it to find it.

Mvut, you are a veteran of digi community and I m just starting for this world. I know that I need to learn massively about wireless networks. I m trying figure out how to create a digi mesh, read my sensors, sent and receive data and put my nodes do sleep.
Ok, you are completelly right when you say: run the examples, because we have one example for eache situation that you are talking about. Ok. i have been doing this. I ran the examples and I learned a lot of new things. But, I m felling frustated because I can’t integrate the functions and the samples to solve my specific problem. I need to understand why and how use the fucnitons to integrate and develop my own solution.
Ok, I m being persistent. I printed the programming guide, and Im studying it. But, I need more. Please, help me to understand how to create an integrated solution using the xbee programmable. If you know some book (I read the Faludi’s book, but it is about arduino), if you know some youtube channel, please help me. I just want learn how to use my boards because I know that the xbee programmable are the best solution for my system.

I am sorry but I am not aware of any. The Programmable XBee modules are really designed for customers that are experienced micro controller programmers who’s products are going into production.

It is not by any means the product I would recommend a student work with. For students, the arduino or a basic stamp is the preferred processors. The reason for that is that both offer the like of level of Code support via forums, the manufactures and Code depositories that can allow you to get the information you need.