interoperability between XBee and Free scale board

How can we do interoperability with XBee?
presently I am working with XBee PROS2B.
Now I am able to send data from one device to other device(by using two XBee PROS2B). I want to communicate between two devices which are from different vendors. In my case I am using XBee and Free scale board??

Is it possible?

what are the steps required?

Thanks in advance

That depends on the stacks used. The XBee PRO S2B or ZB modules are working with a Zigbee PRO 2007 stack with a public profile. If your 3rd party device is using the same profile and stacks types, than you can use the ZDO function to send data back and forth.

Thank you for your feedback.
presently I am using freescale TWR-KW24D512 board and it is operating on kinetics bee stack codebase 4.0.1 with zigbee pro 2007 as a stack.
and we selected application profile as wirelessUART.
when we put the XBee pro s2b with the same PANID and same channel, we are unable to communicate between freescale and XBee.
what is the default profile for XBee proS2B??

XCTU shows the ZS parameter as being Network Specific. Try changing it to 2 from the default 0 value.

Hi mvut,
I made the setting ZS to 2. Even though the XBee is unable to join the network and when i am seeing the XCTU operating PANID parameter it is showing as 0 only but i made ID parameter as 1AAA and it is not adding the device in the specified network i.e.,PANID 1AAA(the PANID of the Coordinator)
why it is not joining the network??
one more observation is, there is a certain procedure for Freescale board for forming a network like binding selecting network and communicating with the device.
Similarly is there any process for XBee also? and at what time we have to join the network?
I hope application profile of XBee is something different. what is the default application profile for XBee?

This sounds like a Home Automation device you are trying to work with. The XBee ZB S2B modules you are working with Don’t support binding which is a function of Home Automation. If that is the case, you need to work with the S2C hardware instead.

hi mvut,
thanks for your reply.
When i am Communicating Between two XBee S2B pro devices the packet which i got from the sniffer is as follows
61 88 B0 9A BD EB CD 00 00 48 18 EB CD 00 00 1E 62 5F 1E EA 40 00 A2 13 00 61 1E EA 40 00 A2 13 00 40 E8 11 00 05 C1 E8 3C 72


What does this profile ID represents? is it private profile?
and what it stands XBee?
and also what does this cluster ID represents?
for which purpose we will use this cluster ID?

looking forward for your reply?