Xbee Pro 2 and Xbee S2B interoperability

I have a Connectport x4 with a Xbee Pro S2B that refuses to connect to a Xbee Pro Series 2 router on a preselected PAN ID. I have successfully connected to this router Xbee with a Xbee Pro Series 2 coordinator but this Connectport x4 refuses to connect.

Here are the specifics:


Radio: XBee Pro S2B
Firmware version: 218c
Extended PAN ID: 0x0000000000000001
PAN ID: 0x2008


Radio: XBee Pro Series 2

Firmware version: 2241 (also tried 228c)
Extended PAN ID: (unavailable)
PAN ID: 0x2008

Should these two devices be able to communicate?

So I managed to get them to connect. On the Connectport x2 (yes using a different device now) I set both the extended pan address and the initial pan address to 0x2008. Now it works.

Good. And as you have now seen, yes, those will interoperate.

There can be other interoperability settings.

For example, the S2B supports a few more channels. So make sure your gateway with an S2B has SC=0x3FFF (or even 0x1FFE) to keep the coordinator from selecting a channel the older S2 cannot see.

Also, if the NJ setting is not 0xFF (or 255), then the S2B would only allow joining for a few minutes before it stops offering.

Moving the Xbee to the X2 could have caused the S2B to select a different channel which the old S2 could see.