ConnectPort X2 Joining existing network

I am trying to get my ConnectPort X2 to join an existing ZB network.

I done a gateway firmware update and loaded the router firmware (XBP24-ZB_23A0.ebl), then set the pan ID to match my existing pan; But it doesn’t connect, Device Status still shows PAN identifier (OI): 0xffff and Extended PAN identifier (OP): 0x0000000000000000, ignoring the panID 1AAA, I set.

Any Suggestions?



ConnectPort X2 (Version 82001596_J1 10/04/2011)
Radio Type: XBee-PRO ZNet 2.5 / ZB / SE (0x1a44)

Other modems are Xbee PRO S2B’s some running the same firmware uploaded to the connectport.

Try with network reset command ATNR, Reset network layer parameters on one or more modules within a PAN
If NR = 0: Resets network layer parameters on the node issuing the command.
If NR = 1: Sends broadcast transmission to reset network layer parameters on all nodes
in the PAN.