How to convert ConnectPort X8 Series 2 to ZB?


I want to convert ConnectPort X8 Series 2 and XBee modules(RS232 and Sensor adaptor) to ZB.
Could sombody tell me detailed steps to follow?

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Yesok Yoon

This information is already available in our knowledgebase. Here is a link for your convenience:

Also, a ZB firmware file is available on the Support site as well:

Thanks for your reply.
I have upgraded my ConnectPort X8 Series 2 and two XBee Adaptors with ZB Conversion Firmware with X-CTU as follows;

  1. XBee Series 2 Radio on the Connectport X8 Series 2(Modem type XB24-ZB, Fucntion Set ZigBee Cordinator API, Version 2121)
    2, XBee Sreies 2 Radio on a RS232 Adaptor(Modem Type XB24-ZB, Fucntion Set ZigBee Enddevice API, Version 2921)
  2. XBee Series 2 Radio on a XBee Sensor Adaptor(same as above)

Running ConnectPort X8 Manager after the firmware upgrade does display one coordinator and two end nodes on Configuration->Mesh Network menu. But clicking on the Network address field brings “Meshing settings are not configurable for this device”.

Issuing Python command “display mesh” shows one coordinator and two end nodes.

Issuing Python command “display mesh address=extended address” shows “error: Error loading from device” error message.

What would you recommend to try?


I decided to buy a ConnectPort X2 Ethernet; ZNet 2.5 very soon. My network is based on EmberZNet 3.1.1 stack (I have the Ember JumpStart kit) so I understand I must convert the firmware of the radio module to ZB.
I carefully read this topic and other info I have found on your valuable site, but I still need some info.
This is what I have understood:

  • I will open the case of the gateway and pick the radio-module.
  • Then I must reprogram it, using X-CTU software on my PC
  • What hardware I need to connect my PC with the radio module ? Does it have an RS-232 serial port ?
    I read on another topic that must be used an X-BIB development board. What is this ? I have not it !
  • Finally, which firmware image must I program ?

If the 232 and Sensor adapter are set to go to sleep (i.e. end nodes rather than routers), they won’t respond to a query. They’re likely asleep, and that’s the type of error you’d see when trying to query them.


I am trying the same thing. I loaded my X2 with XB24-ZB Coordinator API (2141) and one module on the dev board with XB24-ZB Router AT (2241). However, the coordinator doesn’t seem to recognize the module, neither on the web interface nor with the disp mesh command.

I am also seeing the “Meshing settings are not configurable for this device” message. Is it not accessible in this firmware?

“Mesh settings are not configurable” usually means a message is already queued up for one of the radios, and since there’s a limit of 1 msg in the queue for 802.15.4/ZNet 2.5, and 3 msgs for ZB, this is likely the case. Often, if you click the link for the same radio a moment or two later you’ll see the output you’d expect.

The queueing behavior is being changed in the next EOS firmware for the various CP-X gateways. This will hopefully improve this known issue somewhat.

Yes, you’ll need an X-BIB development board to upgrade firmware on a ZNet 2.5 radio like the one in a CP-X gateway.

I’d recommend getting a DiN Starter Kit, since it has a CP-X gateway with more memory, some XBee modules and adapters, development boards, cables, etc. all included.

Here is a useful links: