ConnectPort X2 Upgrade to ZB

I have a ConnectPort X2 unit which I want to upgrade to ZB firmware, primarily to take advantage of encryption support. Does the ConnectPort X2 module simply use the ‘Coordinator API’ firmware? Does this mean that the python interpreter, filesystem and all the other advanced function of the ConnectPort X2 is part of the Coordinator API firmware itself? When I look at the carrier board in the X2, I don’t see any other processor components which might implement those ‘supervisory’ functions.

Am I looking at this the right way? Thanks!

  • Michael

Yes, the rf module in the CP-X2 would use “Zigbee Coordinator API” firmware ver. 2141. As far as the advanced functions of the product itself, these are all stored in the memory of the other module (Digi Connect ME) within the product, which has 4 megs of RAM built in.