ConnectPort X2 S2 wifi

Does anyone remember how to get a ConnectPort X2 S2 WiFi into access point mode so that it can be configured? I need to move one to a different network with a WPA/WEP configuration. I thought it was as simple as holding the reset for 10s, but that’s not working.

The Connect Port X2 is not a WiFi enabled device. It is an XBee Zigbee device.

This device was on WiFi at one point. It’s a ConnectPort X2 S2 WiFi and it appears to have a wifi radio onboard with the XBee. The radio on the “right” when looked at from above says “Wi-Fi” on it.

What is the exact part number for the device in question?

PN on the back says (1P)50001531-02 D

What is the Reorder part number? It should be something like XGI-2PCZ7 on the white label.

Here’s the front (back in a reply)

And here’s the back.

This product has been EOL’ed for more than 12 years now. You can try
90000566.pdf (2.1 MB)

But this is about all there is for it.

Thanks. I already had that doc in my stash, but I got stuck trying to associate back onto a network (kinda a prereq to get on the net to get to DHCP). Guess I’ll just pull the XBee out and add it to the collection.