How to develop Xbee application for XB24C model?

I am trying to develop an Xbee application with my XB24C model Xbees. I don’t see this model listed in the application project wizard when configuring my project. Can I use one of the other configs or can I manually configure it?

I’m new to Xbee programming, although not new to programming in general. I’m trying to accomplish a similar thing to this project:

That post is a few years out of date and the Xbees I have are newer than those it was originally developed for. Does it seem reasonable to be able to update this application to use with my XB24C Xbees?

Any general pointers to more information on basic XBee Application programming would also be appreciated!

What is the full part number of the XBee modules you are working with? The part number will be something like XB24CZ7SIT-004 and will be on the white label on the back of the module.

The full part number is: XB24CZ7WITB003-revD.

Yes if you are using only one of these along with the scripts they have listed I suspect it will work. Keep in mind that they are using an older version of the product so there will be some changes to it.