problem in communicating

no what i meant last time is that when i am trying to communicate between 2 modules of XB24CZ7WIT-004, i am able to communicate whereas for the other one (XB24CZ7PIT-004) i am not able to communicate.
i am not trying to communicate among the both. i am trying to communicate between 2 similar types in api mode.

Can you tell us how you configured XB24CZ7WIT-004 modules which are working?

By saying “configures same way”, one cannot tell what you are doing wrong.

In order to configure my (XB24CZ7PIT-004) modules, when I try to look for the configuration list in the X-CTU software, I am only able to see XB24C as the product family and ZIGBEE TH reg as the function set, using which, I am not able to make them communicate.

Did you enable the Coordinator function on one of the two XB24C7 modules?