need ur friends pls help me

im trying to communicate the two xbee series 2 modems,
i wrote a code and iam reciving ok reply from it now the prob is, i should set one of the modem s coordinator and im vexed up of trying it to set as coordinator,its frimware is not getting changed from xbee router/ed device to coordinator,so i thought of doing it by writting a code ,could any one help in writting a code for changing the frimware version to coordinator so that both modems can communicate
thanks in advance

i think you could change the firmware tru XTU, anyway. im just starting to read the XBEE and xbee pro. and im using 8051 family, which has an output of 5volts. can the xbee work with this state? and also could anyone post a like for a sample application? and where do i start a newpost? i cant find it…
thank you

see u need to check the logic levels of xbee aND MICRO CONTOLLERS which u r using
any doubts dont hesitate to ask