Minimum Setup for Basic Serial Cable Replacement

I have had great success using standard xbee point to point modules in my projects. Recently I purchased some xbee series 2 modules to replace my point to point modules, and am failing miserably to get them to communicate. I am using them to allow my projects to communicate serialy at 1200 baud. To set up the xbee series 2, I have one in a XBIB-R-Dev Rev. 4 serial board and one in a Sparkfun usb board. I have set up two modules as follows:

  1. XBP24-ZB as a coordinator AT, Version2041 PAN ID 8382800, 1200 baud, all other attributes are default

  2. XB24-ZB set as a router AT version 2241 PAN ID 8382800, 1200 baud, all other attributes are default

I put the coordinator in the Serial Dev board, com1, 1200 baud and opend the terminal function. The second one I put on one of my project boards with a Micro P that transmits 5 characters every few seconds. When I use my point to point modules, I see the text sent from my micro P, but when I install the series 2 modules, I get nothing. I also tried tried putting my module set as a router in my Sparkfun USB dev board, opened a second instance of xctu set at 1200 baud on com3 and using the terminal function to type characters hoping to see the characters appear via the module hooked to my serial dev board on com1, no joy.

My question is, what is the minimum setup/ configuration for the Coordinator and Router to basicaly function as a serial cable?

Thank you.

I would suggest checking the networking and addressing parameters in each module. Are they both running on the same channel? Also check the DH and DL parameters of each module. Are the coordinator’s DH and DL values set to SH and SL of the router? Also, are the router’s DH and DL values set the SH and SL of the coordinator?

Thank you for your reply…Channels are the same, and both DH and DL on both units were set to zero. I changed the DH and DL on both units to match the others SH and SL as you described, and still no luck.

Make sure the two modules are set to the same PAN ID. On the ZB firmware, this is set to 0 by default, so I recommend setting the PAN ID (ID) to the same number on both.

Next, go to your Router, get into command mode then issue command “ATNR0”. This does a network reset of the router, which will now come up searching for a new network to join (hopefully it finds your coordinator).

Keep an eye on the Router’s Assoc LED to see if it associates to the Coordinator. If the Sparkfun doesn’t have an Assoc LED to monitor, try issueing command ATND, to see what Nodes your router sees. Hopefully this comes back with the 64-bit address of your Coordinator.

Are you sure that both modules are in the network, with the same Pan ID?
Try this:

The coordinator open the X-CTU and go to the terminal tab . Then enter the command mode sequence character by making the string “+++”, then run the command ATND (Node Discovery) and see if the router appears on the screen and its settings as well.



If it appears the modules are on the same network. Then check everything: channel, operating PAN ID , zigbee stack profile, addressing to see if they are matching.