I am using the Xbee pro series2 modems. I am unable to get them to talk to each other.using the X-ctu software I can connect and configure them.What is the minimum setup needed ? Thanks


What is the firmware version of each Xbee?

Hi I think its 2264. I went screwing with some settings and now I can’t communicate with it using the x-ctu software.Is there any way to reset it?

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OK I have them reset.What function do I need to use for a point to point setup?

Ok, the modules are running ZB firmware as AT (command set) routers. Do download and reference the document 90000976_D.pdf .
Read the 64bit address either from the tag on the bottom of each module or the SL, SH in X-CTU. This is the factory assigned address. Now set the SH.SL of one module as the DH.DL (destination address) in the other module. Do this with both modules.
Now one module will send any data to the other module.

Another hint: Go through and read almost every post in the the XBee/XBee PRO forums. Lots of basic info is there that was a big help when I started using these modules.

Which more appropriate forum?

I believe this post was originally in the 802.15.4 forum, but the question is about Zigbee so it was moved to the forum its in now (i.e. the one you’re reading this thread in).