communicate two znet 2.5 modules

Hello All,
I am trying to create a simple zigbee network.
i have 2 znet 2.5 modules each one of them is connceted to a pc using RS232 and i want to make them communicate with each other.
I have installed the X-CTU software and i configured one of the modules as coordinator and the other as zigbee end device. i have also configured the other parameters of both of them.
I clicked on the range test and then start but they didnt communicate with each other!
Can anybody tell me where the problem might be?!

If you want to use the range test in X-CTU you must use a loop back adapter on one of the modules. First I would make sure that you can communicate between the two by going to the termincal tab in X-CTU on both computers. Start typing in one of the terminal tabs and what you typed should show up on the other computer.

Thank you very much fordcf2000 for ur reply,
It is now working… the problem was in the configuration of the DH and DL of the router, i initially set them to the address of the coordinator but then i discovered that they shud be set to zero!

HI. My XBEE modules are also of same. But i was unable to communicate with each other. Can u tell me, how u configured at X-CTU s/w. I will even send u its photo and its file which i got when i purchased. Please help me out. I am very new to it.


For the configuration you specified–one router module talking to one coordinator module–the DH and DL parameters should not both be set to zero.

The DH and DL parameters specify the high and low bytes of the module you wish to transmit to. In order to create a point-to-point link you will need to set the DH and DL values to the SH and SL values of the other node.

To illustrate this another way let us take two nodes named “A” and “B”. In order to configure A to talk to B you must:

  1. Set node A’s DH and DL to the SH and SL of node B.

  2. Set node B’s DH and DL to the SH and SL of node A.

That’s it!

At the risk of confusing things slightly, there is only one special case for a point-to-point link. That is when you are communicating to the ZNet (or ZB) Coordinator. There is an alias for setting the destination of a router node to the network coordinator: setting DH and DL to zero. Thus, put another way:

  1. Set node A, the coordinator, DH and DL to the SH and SL of node B.

  2. Set node B, a router or end device, DH and DL to zero.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


In ZNet 2.5 (as well as ZB), you need a “coordinator” radio to setup the mesh network. In other words, one of the two modules should have a coordinator firmware loaded, and the other would have some type of Router/End Device firmware loaded. Once this is done, the Router/End Device should associate with the Coordinator (assuming same PAN ID/channel), and the two nodes will be able to talk with each other.

Hello to all.
I’m using two XBee Series 2 radios with the SMA antenna (hardware version 1941).
I’ve updated the firmware of one of the radios to version 1020 (ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT), and to the version 1220 (ZIGBEE ROUTER/END DEVICE AT) for the second module.
First I power on coordinator, its LED starts blinking. Reading current settings through X-CTU, I can see that PAN ID = 234 and channel = 17 (for example).
Then I power on my second device, its LED lights but not blinking. When I read its current settings, I see that PAN ID = 234 and channel = 0 (always). I cannot communicate! It seems the end device unable to find coordinator! What is wrong? Help me please!!!

You’ll want to update these to the 1x47 firmware for ZNet 2.5. Please reply if this is still an issue after the update.

I’ve got the same problem. I’ve got 2 xbee znet 2.5 modules each connected to a pc and trying to get them to communicate with each other.

Attached is a screenshot of XCTU on my two nodes.

Node A - (xctu.jpg)
Node B - (xctu2.jpg)

DH and DL are set to 0 and 0xFFFF respectively on both nodes. I can only communicate from node B to node A, but i cannot communicate from node A to node B. I beleive it’s probably due to my DH and DL settings, and the type of “function set” it has. I also notice that the terminal tab on node A(the one that cant communicate with node B) has the “Line Status” (with labels CTS,CD,DSR) each highlighted in green (what do these parameters mean by the way?), but the xctu on node B has only CTS green.

Reading thru this thread, i notice that one node has to be coodinator, and the other has to be endpoint in order for them to talk to each other. But i have a connectportX2 connected (to the same pc as node B via ethernet), and from the drop in networking guide book, on pg28, the diagram indicates that my gateway is the coordinator, which is why i assume that i dont need to set one node as coordinator??? Is this right? Can someone help me get my nodes talking bidirectionally please. If i connected a third node to a 3rd pc, confirgured the endpoint like the other 2, and was able to send messages to and from each other, is this done using mesh?

Hope someone can help me please!!

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I have also tried what jordan suggested but i dont get anything. Whatever i type on pc doesnt come out on the other and vice versa.

I have gone through your screen shots.
In that you need to assign values to DH and DL as below
All the best…

This article has a really nice way of changing DH/DL on-the-fly using the DN command:

The information in that article fits nicely into this discussion.