Beginner trying to get Duplex with two Znet 2.5 Modules


Please can someone explain to me clearly how to get duplex communication with two Xbee Znet 2.5 modules. I currently have a coordinator receiving from an end device successfully, I now want to be able to communicate the other way. Can you explain how I can do this?

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On the coordinator, set the DH to the SH of the other end, and the DL to the SL of the other end. I think.

I’m brand new to XBee though, it took me a solid day to figure out that I needed to change the firmware on one radio to coordinator to be able to associate two together.

Let me know if that works. And whatever you do, don’t put the “DIGITAL I/O” firmware on your xbee. What a nightmare that causes! :slight_smile:


I would be interested to know how this works as well. I am waiting for a ftdi usb so i can setup a ppp connection using my xbees.