why does my XBEE2 modems not communicate each other?

I purchased two XBEE2 modules with development board. The X-CTU s/w shows the below things at Modem configuration after i perform READ operation(it shows common on both the X-CTU s/w’s for the two XBEE’s):

Modem:XBEE (XB24-B)
Function set:Zigbee Router/end device AT

Networking: (0)CH - operating channel
(234)ID - PANID
(0)DH - Destination address high
(0)DL - Destination address low
(FFFE)MY - 16-bit N/W address
(13A200)SH - Serial No. high
(402C90FE)SL - Serial No. low
(0)BH - Broadcast radius
(1FFE)SC - Scan channels
(3)SD - Scan Duration
(1)JN - Join Notification
(FF)NJ - Node join time
( )NI - Node identifier
(0)DD - Device type identifier
(3C)NT - Node discovery timeout
(FF)AR - Aggregation route broad cast time

RF Interfacing:
(4)PL - Power level
(1)PM - Power mode

          and baud rate is 9600. I am even sending the attached file which i got when i purchased the modules.

First, get one Xbee and make sure it is set to Modem: ZB24-B, Function set: Zigbee router/end device AT, version:1220, then push the Show Defaults Button, and finally push the write button. Next, put the other Xbee into the dev. board and load it with Modem: ZB24-B, Function Set: Zigbee Coordinator AT, Version: 1020,push the show defaults button, and push the write button. Power up the Xbee with Coordinator AT firmware first, then after the red LED starts to flash power up the other Xbee. When the Red LED starts to flash on the for the Xbee with the Router/end device firmware then the radios are associated. Now you are ready to send data bidirectionally.

Thank a lot for the reply. Now my modems are working. But still when i perform range test, the router/end AT modem is communicating both TX & RX. Where as Coordinator AT modem does only TX. WHY? Is there any solution for it?

soory for my previous reply. IT was working perfecting. Now one of XBEE ROUTER/END AT modem is Transmitting in packets, Where as the other of XBEE COORDINATOR AT modem is transmitting character to character directly. Why is it so? And to over come this what should i do?
Thanking you, in advance.

What is the “RO” parameter set to? It sounds like it is set to 0. If not try increasing the value.