Znet 2,5 not communicating

As I have problems running my new XBee,s I would like to ask
for some assistance,

I want to control wireless the state of two switches indicated by two leds via XBee 2x mounted on arduino duemi 2x i.e. indicating visa versa. One led and switch on one arduino and one switch and one led on the other arduino.
All stand alone both arduino,s on bat. Supply…
I have the two arduino,s and the are working ok.
I programmed arduino,s one as receiver the other as sender serial send a one (1) as high is checked on the serial and is working.
Checked the radio,s on the X-CTU range test gives timeout waiting for data the selection transmit or receive is automatically changed to receive?
( on libelium XBee shield jumpers outside ( usb) arduino chip removed.)
I have two XBee,s XB24-BCI 004 firmware 1247 ( seems to be configured the same)
Both XBee,s Configured as Znet 2.5 router / end device AT
The software C-CTU is working fine I can read the both parameter list in the XBee,s.
Checked the web for updates done for both radio,s.
Main parameters:
As I lined up the system it appeared it was not working.
I have the following questions;

  1. What do I wrong in order to let this configuration working?
  2. Do I have to upgrade to ZB?
  3. Do I have the wrong XBee,s for this job?
  4. I will on a later stadium use the system to send wireless the SHT 75 humidity data to a remote LCD screen. Is this possible?
  5. Did I give sufficient data to awnser these questions?

In reply on my first post.

I managed to have the both xbee.s communicate.

One xbee programmed as router/end device AT the other programmed as coordinater AT.
The SC parameter changed from 1FFE to 15 on both xbee,s.
Also the DL visa versa programmed.

A great help was the post of Severino (arduino forum) in wich he showed screen shots from the X-CTU how he set the various parameter.
However I still will check what exactely made it to work.

  1. to fill in the SC or
  2. to program one as router/end device the other as coordinater.

All thanks for your help.