basic question on Xbee

As I have been trying to communicate two Xbee Series2 each other for the last days without succes, I will come back to more basic issues.

My hardware: one Xbee Series 2 + Explorer USB Shield + PC
another Xbee Series 2 + Explorer Regulated + Arduino Mega

Muy goal: Arduino will send data to PC through Xbee modules

The question: What is the best configuration (AT, API)? Which Xbee module has to be the router if any and which one the coordinator, if any?

What should I put in X-CTU under Modem and Function Set?

Thanks in advance

I’m just programming my first set of XBees so I’m no expert. However I’m looking at similar solutions.

If you just have 2 XBees I think AT is easier, you can just read the serial port and you have no decoding to do. Using API mode gives you more options but it’s more complex and you have to parse the frames that it uses.

I’m testing the radios using simple sensors and I’m using ZNET 2.5 COORDINATOR API and ZNET 2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE API and they are talking fine.

I’m yet to explore the different feature sets of ZNET and ZIGBEE