Communication xbee with API mode

Hi guys,I have two xbees s2 and want to communication with API mode.I configure the first xbee is Zigbee coordinator API and the other is Zigbee router API,the coordinator connect to PC and the router connect Arduino.I use xbee library Tx to sent frame from router to coordinator but on the terminal of PC,i didn’t receive data from router although i have established both of them is the same channel and PAN ID.does someone know where is the problem?I hope people will help me.Thanks!

can you get them working together if you take the one off the arduino and put it on the digi prototype board? that way you’ll know if it’s your settings or some other hardware problem.

Thanks for the reply,
Now,i have just one module of the digi prototype board so i can’t do that you say.Thus,i try to configure Zigbee coordinator API and Zigbee router AT and i made the same as above.The result was great,on the terminal of zigbee connect to PC,i saw the frame was received by zigbee router which connected to arduino.However,i don’t know when i configure both of them are API mode,the similar results are not the same,can you help me?
Thank you for you reading!