Can't get any data from router to coordinator


I’m creating a network ox xbee S2Cs in API mode (arduino + xbee as receiver and sensors + xbee as sender).
But when I use Arduino I can’t get any data from the router, the serial monitor is blank.

I’m trying to check frames log on XCTU and i got this :

11-16-2021 23:48:42.700,-,API2,“COORDINATOR,0013A20041C37D8B,ZIGBEE TH Reg,4061,COM3 - 9600/8/N/1/N,0,46”

11-16-2021 23:44:57.591,0,SENT,7E001611090013A20041C37D8BFFFE00000032000000000900EC
11-16-2021 23:44:57.763,1,RECV,7E0062910013A20041C37D8B000000008032000001090050000FCB2100CB210000030000000003000000000300000000030000000003000000000300000000030000000003000000000300000000030000000003000000000300000000030000000003000090
11-16-2021 23:44:57.763,2,SENT,7E001611090013A20041C37D8BFFFE0000003200000000090FDD
11-16-2021 23:44:57.794,3,RECV,7E00078B09000000230048

It’s say Explicit Addressing Command Frame, Explicit RX Indicator, and transmit status.

What’s that mean?

Thanks for any help.

Most Arduino code uses API mode 1. The Explicit frames include additional data such as the ZDO (Zigbee Device Objects).