How do I set up an API Zigbee network with one coordinator and two end devices(used only for outputs)?

I currently have 3 ZB Series 2 Modules w Antennas.
I am trying to set up a system where I send commands from my laptop to the two Zigbees(controlling their outputs separatly). Is this possible? If so, how do I accomplish it?

I am confused by the bit in XCTU that says the DL or destination low. If I set it to the low part of one zigbee won’t that null the other Zigbee End device, stopping it from receiving anything?

I have to do this in API mode as well right? Not AT mode?

Thank you for the help!

I am also facing same problem last 15 days. but there is no response.

Problem as under:

I am facing problem to communicate between two XBee PRO S2B .
There is one COORDINATOR and one Router. I send Char ‘A’ to router and collect data and display on Hyper terminal. But it is not working.
My setting on X-CTU ARE BELOW:

Modem: XBP24BZ7
Version: 21A7
PAN ID: 1234
DH: 0
Chanel: E
AP: 2

Modem: XBP24BZ7
Version: 23A7
PAN ID: 1234
DH: 0
DL: 0
Chanel: E

Kindly advice regarding same.

If you want to send data from Coordinator to all the modules in the network, then you can broadcast the data.
If you want to send data from Coordinator to any particular module, then you need to set DH and DL of sender as SH and SL of receiver and vice versa.

You have set AP=2, is there any specific reason for this?


Ok so if I want to send separate information to two end devices, how do I set the DL to reflect two different end devices? Wouldn’t setting the DL to match only one of them, control only that one end device?

Say I want to send apple to end device A and potato to end device B but only using 1 coordinator. That is accomplished by setting the DL of the coordinator to match only end device A?

Also, API 2 I had set because I had read somewhere, I forget now, to do it that way. I need too look at that again.

Thanks fit the help!