Network Communication xbee s2


my task:
I want to create a network of 3 zigbees (2 Xbee S2 + 1 XSTICK 2)

The XSTICK is set as Coordinator (C) and both Xbees as Router (R1,R2).

Wanted communication:

C <=> R1
C <=>R2
R1 <=> R2

I already tried to use a broadcast, but it is to slow for my needs.
At the moment i use the AT Mode.

thank for all answers and any kind of help.

ZigBee is by design of low bandwidth and high latency. It is designed to slowly move data around RF opaque obstacles by hopping the data from node to node to complete a data path. I never heard of it as being described as “fast” if you want fast look at Digi’s XB24 802.15.4 system for P2P/MP or the fancy new XB900HP that can do almost anything except cook your meal and handles DigiMesh, Repeater, and Point to Point/Multipoint in the same network on the fly. And can leap huge distances 29 miles at a hop.

With what you have use unicast 64 bit addressing. DL2 = SL1, DH2 = SH1 and the reverse… DL1 = SL2, DH1 = SH2.

Note that the special ZigBee case of DH/DL of 0,0 means that the Router or End Device will talk via unicast to the Coordinator whoever it is after finding its address via a automatic Node Discovery.

A broadcast in ZigBee is probably the single worst choice you could make.


first of all thank you Mike for your fast response.
I really appreciate that.

DL2 = SL1, DH2 = SH1 and the reverse… DL1 = SL2, DH1 = SH2

I know the adressing stuff between 2 objects.
But it’s not obvious for me how to integrate a third object.
A Broadcast is no solution.

I’m in the dark.
Thank you

I think, for what you are trying to do, you should take the plunge and switch to API mode. What you are trying to do becomes trivial in API mode because any device can freely address any other device for each operation.

Can you explain it to me by giving me an example?
It d be great.

Broadly, you just send API requests to your local XBee with the address of the target XBee.

E.g. if you want to change pin 1 on device Y from device X, you send X an API request for a remote AT command, where the destination is the address of Y, and the AT command is “D1”.

This works for any X and any Y in the mesh.