New user of Zigbee, please help


I am new a new user of Zigbee, i would like to start a star topology network. How can i start this network?


Will you be requiring Routers to extend your range or will a sleeping end point need to be able to send data to a sleeping end point? If not, then what you are looking for is an XBee 802.15.4 product and Not ZIGIBEE.

If that is the case, then it is very easy to set up.


MY Unique (2,3,4 Etc)

Thank you for the reply, i forgot to mention that i will be using Xbee S2 modules. My project design will involve 2 Xbee S2 modules as End Devices and 1 Xbee S2 module as the coordinator. I would like to know, how will i configure each Xbee modules using X-CTU program. I see the “modem Configuration” tab, but sadly i do not understand it.

This is quite a mouthful to ask for. Try to find some tutorials and read as much of the XBee manual from the support site.

The only easy way to have 1 coordinator talk to 2 other devices is learn/use the API frame work on your PC or micro which controls the coordinator. This allows you to format and address each message to 1 of 2 remotes. With the S2 and ZigBee, it is not feasible to ‘broadcast’ the same message to both end-devices. That was why MVUT suggested the S1/802.15.4, which are easier to hack this way and just use broadcasts.

The remote can run in AT mode, meaning the XBee just dumps what it receives out the serial port, and sends any response back to the coordinator (DH/DL remain all zero’s).