Xbee S2 Znet 2.5 working as Xbee S1

Hello everybody!

I get a problem because of my ignorance with ZNet firmware. I currently have a proyect running with XBee S1, using the transparent communication mode where all in range nodes and same channel are receiving the data.

Now the resource manager bought a bunch of XBee S2 and i need to make them work like XBee S1.

I have downloaded the datasheet of ZNet 2.5 but i can’t figure out the configuration for point-to-multipoint (without a COORDINATOR). Could you help me with that?

thanks for reading and hope for some replys :smiley:


No, the zigbee does not operate in without coordinator.
Please read a manual.

I think i did not explained myself very well. The thing is that i don’t know if what i want to do can even be possible. The ZNet firmware discards the packages that doesn’t belong it by itself and what i need is that every package correctly received be sent… no discards.

the packages


I’m so sorry because of my inadequate language. I’m still reading about ZNet 2.5 fw… I’m still lost with that. it’s totally different to XBee S1 usage. I’ll be back soon after reading a lot more.

I had to start with something so i read first and I asked after that. thank you for making me see that i’m doing it wrong :slight_smile:

I understand the broadcast structure and how the packets travel from the coordinator to the Routers and end devices (3 jumps).

What i need is a way to make broadcast between end-end/router-router/coordinator-coordinator (1 jump). is that possible?


Problem solved!!
-all the nodes are Router/ end device
-none coordinator
-same channel for each
-same PAN ID for each
-different MY for each
-DH 0x00000000
-DL 0x0000FFFF

now all nodes in-range listen to each other :smiley:

Special thanks for CHOBICHAN for his replys!!