Question on XBEE Zigbee Networks


i have some question regarding XBEE Zigbee Networking:
(at the moment testing only with a few device, but want to expand to a bigger number of zigbee devices in future)

  1. I have 2 XBEE ZNet 2.5, one as COORDINATOR, one as ROUTER/END DEVICE. They can communicate each other via X-CTU, working !

  2. Now i add multiple END DEVICES and / or multiple COORDINATORS to my existing mini network. Is it correct that with AT mode i can send data from one end device to only one other end device, because i have no possibility to give distination addresses ?

  3. Same as 2: When switching to API mode, is it then possible to send to different devices ?

  4. Is a mixture between API and AT mode possible, e.g. end device works in AT mode, coordinator or one end device collecting all the data in API mode ?

  5. Now take the case that i want to send not only bytes, but packets. Is there some built-in mechanism to say, e.g. something like one packet contains one zigbee packet, or must i do the framing by myself, e.g. like in old PPP over asynchronous line, i must add a flag (0x7E) at the beginning / end of each packet and replace each occurance of a flag in my packet by some replacement characters (i think it was 0x7D, 0x5E instead of 0x7E).

  6. Can you tell me which Zigbee standard the latest XBEE 2.5 implements ? Is it Zigbee 2003, 2006 or 2007 / PRO ? Does it depend on software version used in XBEE ?

  7. Can you tell me if a standardized or proprietary protocol is used for the emulated serial of the XBEE modules ? Are there other modules / implementation where the XBEE modules are compatible regarding data communication.

  8. When i have a different profile like Home Automation (HA), e.g. for switching a light on / off, is there any possibility to receive / transmit HA messages ?

  9. One more question on compatibility: Take the case i have an existing zigbee networking and now put an xbee on left and one xbee on right side (which is too far away for directly communication, mesh network), can the xbee use the existing network ?

  10. Vice versa: When i create a big XBEE network, can it be used for mesh networking when i put a Home Automation device on left and one on right side ? Or is it not possible to transport HA control messages over the XBEE network ?

Ok, so far for now.
It would be great if you can answer my questions (or at least part of it).

Best regards,

Martin Maurer