Zigbee network with arduino

Hi friends,

i try to set a wireless sensor network. i use 5 xbee modules. 4 enddevice,1 coordinator.

1 enddevice has 1 digital input(AT Mode)
1 enddevice has 2 digital input(AT Mode)
1 enddevice has 1 analog and 1 digital input(AT Mode)
1 enddevice is connected to arduino(AT Mode)
1 coordinator is connected to arduino (API Mode)

i try to receive data from all of enddevices. sometimes i get data from 3 of 4. sometimes one e.d. send data two times before other devices send.why it happens?

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What other settings do you have the end devices set to?

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there are 4 pictures which contains my enddevice configuration.





actually i don’t have any problem about xbee modules. i think my problem is communication. i tried to communicate end devices with coordinator individually, i ve done. there is a picture below which is my test result. all of them were done before and i used 1 enddevice and a coordinator.


but when i set the network i can’t receive data properly.

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May I ask is there anyway we are able to view the data in a specific location in the memory of RCM6750 especially the RAM?

Someone suggest me to view the .org files after compilation but it only stated the memory range and used range for a specific type of memory.


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You will need to asks that question in the Rabbit Support area or contact Rabbit support direct.

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