How to i configure xbee xb24-b when i want to do a mesh network? I want to use a ZIGBEE function set....

I want to send information from arduino e-health sensors to 3 arduino uno boards with xbee S2 module, now i can send information from coordinator(arduino uno) to router/end device(this is a router/end device), but when i connect the third xbee module its not receive data. I thing i must replace the coordinator and the router/end device…(coordinator-e health, and the router/end device to arduino uno with led diod)

No that is a function of your arduino code. You need to tell your code to send the data to the other module.

The XBee modules will figure out on their own if the data needs to be routed or not.

I solved te problem, but now i have som problems with packet loss,… :confused: data sending efficiency is 30-40%. and i want to receive more than 80-90% because i have to configure four arduinos (uno) (1coordinator 3 routers) routers have to react on the coordinators command.

Are you using Hardware flow control? If not, you should be.

I try it, and its not helped :confused: what else can i try?, the programe in arduino are good because in serial monito write the informations, but the receiver(router/end device) had a big packett loss…

pls help :confused: i ha no idea what else i can try

which firmware are you running on your XBee modules? The transparent mode or API mode?

If you are using transparent mode, set the DL and DH of your router to match the SL and SH of the Coordinator. Then set the DL and DH of the Coordinator to match the SL and SH of the router.

but, i have 1coordinator and 3routers, what can i do in this situation? (coordinator send information from arduino ehealth shield to routers and the routers receive that, the all routers must receive the same data)

Then all you can do is to have the Coordinator in the default broadcast mode. What size data packet are you sending to the routers? have you verified that you send it as one data packet and not as a few chunks of data with a few ms of delay between each part?

I try the range test and here i can saet the packet size, but i have the same results with 1 bytes and wiht 100bytes too, i use baud rate 9600, flow control hardware( try flow control none but its not helped) data bits8, parity none, stop bits1, coordinator destiantion addres high 0 low FFFF, router adres low 0 adres high 0… :confused: what else can i try?

Issue a local network reset on your router (ATNR0) and wait for the AI to report 0. Then try the range test again this time with a timeout value in the range test set to 5 seconds and not the default 1 second.