end devices and coordinator XBee-Pro 802.15.4


I’m a newbee in this matter, and i have a basic question.( not to me…)
I’m using 3 XBee-Pro 802.15.4 Modules

I will leave a xbee inside a room ( the end device n1 with a sensor in that only sendig data).
In another room i will put the xbee coordinator

and , so far the coordinator I will put the other end xbee, only receiving the data from coordinator.
I’ve atacched a picture of the schematic.

How is the configuration (ADDRESSES)of them??
I dont like to use the number of each one- high and low ( maybe using a 16 bit address???)
Before I look for help, I’ve tried a lot, without success.

thank you


802.15.4 networks are not able to rout data. They can do point to point, point to multi-point or peer to peer.

For routing data like you have listed, you need to use a Mesh network as what is found in Zigbee or Digi Mesh.

Digi Support

Thank you

As I said I’m not a expert in Xbee.
Is possible I use a digimesh firmware in those Xbee…and get this feature??

Because now I’m using a 802.15.4 10ef firmware.
and, if will be possible, what is the configuration?

Thank you, again