Relay feature using coordinator

What I am trying to do is link three XBee-PRO adapters together, with one coordinator and two end devices. The two end devices will be placed at locations that are out of range of each other, and the only common point between the two end devices is the coordinator.

I would like one of the end devices to send a command to the other end device via the coordinator. I am not sure if it is possible to make the coordinator relay messages from end devices.

You posted this in the 802.15.4 forum, so I’m assuming you’re using Series 1 modules. What you need, however, are mesh networking modules, like the ZigBee (Series 2?). Digi’s straight 802.15.4 modules don’t support the notion of coordinator and end device, they’re basically peer-to-peer. What you’re asking for should be automatic with the mesh networking model

Actually the series 1 devices do support coordinator mode (CE parameter), but I agree in thinking the coordinator can’t act as a relay.

However, if the coordinator is connected to a host PC or other controller, you could perhaps get the effect by having the end point send the message via the coordinator to the host and then arranging for the host to transmit the message to the other end point. Whether this would work depends on the setup, and also whether the host could recognise that a message needs to be relayed.

I have upgraded the firmware to the Digimesh 2.4 and it’s now working. Thanks for the replies.


You upgraded to Digimesh… May I ask if you changed any settings afterwards? I have a similar setup happening, except I will have around 18 end devices with a few in between…

My topic is here:,269#1043


Hi vyung,

am actually working on same project but with Xbee S1

i have connected an LED on pin 20 on the end router and the coordinator is connected to the pc.

here’s the code i wrote on x-ctu terminal to get the led on and off


to switch off the led


it seems that both the coordinator and the end router gets the same message and if you connect another led on the pin 20 on the cordinator both would switch on and off through this command.

its false but its working.

have you been able to make it working?