Digimesh Mesh with for Devices

Hello good day,

I have bought 4 XBee DigiMesh 2.4 RF T.H and I am creating a network in which I have 3 end devices and one device that receives data from them.

When configuring the devices, I have to put all of them as Routers or I have to specify that 3 are going to be end devices and one is a coordinator.

This doubt arises since I read the difference between the Zigbee protocol and the Digimesh protocol, since if the coordinator stops working in Zigbee, the network goes down. But in Digimesh all nodes are homogeneous, so I don’t know whether to put all of them in Router mode or if I put 3 as end devices and one as coordinator, but even if the coordinator is missing, the network continues to function normally.

In DigiMesh network, function of ‘Coordinator’ is limited to coordinating sleep state in network. Its not like Zigbee where ‘Coordinator’ has to coordiante the network itself.

So unless you are using battery powered sleeping nodes, you can configure all nodes as standard Routers.

Thanks for take your time Mathur. And yes it is, your are correct.