Xbee Pro 868 coordinator can't connect to router or end device

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at first sorry for my English.

I’ve got the xbee 868 pro development kit from the series XBP08-DP. The problem is that I can’t make a network with coordinator, router and end device. I have the new Xctu version. I have three moduls. But if I do one as coordinator, he can’t find no longer the other modules. There stand “can’t initialize device data”. And if I do it as standard note he can find him again.

Can someone give me the steps how I configure the network with the new XCTU version.

I hope someone can help me

greeting’s mike

That is because this is not a Mesh based product but a Point to point/mufti-point product. That is to say, it does not have the ability to forward data on. You must use one of the Mesh based kits for that function to exists.

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Thank you for the fast answer! Need I one of the Zigbee Kit? But gives the zb’s with the 868mhz technology cause of the wide range which I need? And why I can change the XBP08-DP modul to coordinator? That’s confused me.

You would need to use either the 2.4 Digi Mesh, 868 LP Digi Mesh or the XBee ZB versions to have routers to extend the range. The XBee PRO 868 has a functional limitation of a 10% duty cycle and is for Long range Point to point or Point to multi-point applications. It does not have repeater or router function built into it.

OK. thank you.

And now my last question. How I can configure the peer to peer topology?
I haven’t some idea.

And If I want the sleepmode, I must one modul configure to EndDevice and the other is standard note?!

It’s been a while since this answer was posted, but I’m a bit confused
too. What you see seems to correspond to the specs for the XBee Pro 869,
which does not indicate any mesh support. However, when I read the
product manual for it, I find things like:

For a mesh network
installation to be successful, the installer must be able to determine
where to place individual XBee devices to establish reliable links
throughout the mesh network.

bit 1: Don’t attempt route Discovery.

Route Information Packet

Are these just bad documentation copy-pasted from elsewhere? Or is there
some support for routing here?

This is a Peer to peer product. It does not support Mesh. The 868LP product supports Mesh. I suspect you are reading the manual for the 868 LP instead of the 868 PRO product. http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3553&type=documentation

The 868 PRO has a 10% transmit duty cycle limit on it. You are not able to perform any Mesh functions at a 2.4 kbps data rate.