XBee 868LP RF module

How to configure XBee 868LP RF module as a coordinator,and how to configure XBee 868LP RF module as a router under same coordinator in to API mode. :? :? :? :? :? :?


You need to set CE parameter. It is having options like standard router, indirect msg Coordinator etc.

Part 1: Set up your XBee ZB SMT RF Module Development Kit
Identify Kit Components
Assemble your Development Kit
Part 2: Download and Install X-CTU Software
Installing USB Drivers
Installing X-CTU Software
Part 3: Test Communications Link and Establish a Mesh Network
Configure the Modules
Perform a Range Test
Establish a Mesh Network
Part 4: Over-The-Air Configuration
Configure Remote Modules
Part 5: XBee pcb board ZB SMT Design Considerations
Software Design Considerations
Hardware Design Considerations
Part 6: Managing the Network
Digi Gateways
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