Xbee 865/868 LP RF


I have to creat a small network using 4 Xbee 865/868 LP, one as a coordinator and the 3 others as end device (actuators). The coordinator is gonna send order to the actuators whitch are gonna control relays. The user is gonna control the coordinator by using push button for each relay. The distance between the devices is not gonna exced 20 meters. Each end device have to control 3 bistable relay. They need 2 I/O port each to do that.

I have a few questions befor purchast Xbee 868 modules :

-Does this project seem to be feasible?
-Do i have to use an another controler like an arduino to control the relay, or the embbeded Uc is just fine?
-Can i implement an other protocol like zigbee on the 868 LP?
-Is there any adaptable circuit to use the 868 module withou solder it?

Thank you very mutch,

Pierre OLIVA.